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The Nine Hole League was formed for ladies that prefer to play nine holes.  Ladies may play eighteen if they so desire.  However, prizes are awarded based on nine holes. Play starts in March and goes through third week of November.  Play dates are Thursday mornings, alternating between LaFortune and South Lakes.
Membership Dues $45.00 for 2016
This includes eligibility for pars, birdies and hole-in-one
Please call one of the following if you would like to join or have questions:
Membership:                         Marthanelle Jones                    918-743-5505
Treasurer:                              Mary Sue Whitney                   918-299-5478
President:                              Sue Warner                               918-481-1276
Vice-President:                     Jan Davis                                  918-493-1826
Pairings:                               Kathy Fankhouser                     918-496-9250
Sports                                   Elaine McDonald                      918-481-1199

The LFWGA-Nine Hole Association began in 1977.  Neighbors and friends Dolores Boden and Tippy Hawkins had been playing the par three course for years, when Tippy, whose short game was frustrating, suggested to Dolores that they would probably make the same score playing the front nine of the regular course and would get to use their woods.  Then Dolores spotted a blurb in the Newspaper that LaFortune was starting a Women’s golf league.  We were so excited and asked if we could form a nine hole group too.  We were told that we could but would have to follow the 18 hole players (there was only the one golf course then).  And although we had a “President” to represent us, we would have no control over money, pairings, etc.

LaFortune advertised a “recruitment” coffee for all those interested in joining either the 18 holers or the 9 holers, and the League was formed.  There were no pairings and for the nine holers it was first come, first served to play. We started with about 30 women.  While waiting to tee off, we enjoyed the gossip and meeting new people, many of whom are active today.  Barbara Scholtz, Zagnona Cox, and Marion Simmons, Dolores and Tippy were some of the first to sign up who are still playing.  Soon we had enough players that we were able to separate completely from the 18 holers, with our own officers and treasury.  When South lakes opened we were then able to play separate courses.  We were first to have a written newsletter called “The LaFortune Teller”, (the nine holers “The LaFortune Cookies”). We had a Husband and Wife tournament every year on Sunday afternoon in September, which is the forerunner of our Gals and Pals Tournament.  Everyone brought a dish and a wonderful dinner was enjoyed by all.

We thought it would be a fun way to play and meet other golfers from other clubs and surrounding areas so we initiated a Guest Day, inviting other clubs.  The response was overwhelming.  We decided to have outfits to distinguish us from the other clubs.  Our colors were green tops and white bottoms.  The other clubs seemed to like the idea and soon picked their own colors.  When we went “on tour” to places like Eufaula, Bartlesville, Miami, it was easy to recognize the other clubs because of their colors.

Though we have become more technologically advanced and activities change we still enjoy meeting new friends and playing golf.
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